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How to Speed Up Time in MSFS

Keyboard Shortcut

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With Keyboard Shortcut

To accelerate time in MSFS, use these keyboard commands:

  • Fast forward: CTRL + R + The plus key on the numeric keypad
  • Reduce simulation rate: CTRL + R + The minus key on the numeric keypad

If you check the in-aircraft clock, you will know it’s working.

If you’re having trouble removing time compression and getting back to a normal simulation rate, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Use the “reduce simulation rate” command until you are at the slowest allowable rate
  2. Then use the “fast forward” command twice

Then you will be back to normal speed.

With Add-On

Unfortunately, the above method does not let you see the simulation rate displayed on the screen.

However, the SIM RATE SELECTOR add-on allows you to display, adjust, and reset the simulation rate in MSFS. It offers customizable speed ranges and real-time updates.

Why Speed Up Time? (And a Caution)

Using this time-lapse feature is a great way to make those long flights go by more quickly.

It’s also a good option for students to train more efficiently. You can skip ahead during the cruise portions, where there is relatively little to do, and then resume flying at a normal rate for the more challenging parts of the flight.

Keep in mind that speeding up the simulator can sometimes cause strange behavior with the autopilot or other aircraft systems, and the flight dynamics will change.

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