Online Flying Lessons with Real-World Pilots

Learn 1-on-1 from real-world pilots

At Flight Sim Coach, we help flight sim enthusiasts and real-world pilots bring their skills to the next level.

No longer do you need to spend hours reading confusing tutorials and watching endless YouTube videos. You will have a patient, experienced instructor by your side to help you achieve mastery of your simulation experience.

“I have made major breakthroughs running those drills you sent over in the past few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with you. I have made more progress in a few short lessons than I have in the last ten years. The best educational experience I’ve ever had.”

— Ben Juliano
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

Fly with experts in a wide range of aircraft and add-ons




Just imagine the possibilities!

Our instructors specialize in offering custom coaching (on an hourly basis) to fit your unique needs. However, some common training goals our clients have include:

  • Follow an actual flight training syllabus (private pilot, instrument, commercial, etc.) as if you are a real life flight student (at a tiny fraction of the cost of real-world flight lessons)
  • Learn how to talk to Air Traffic Control so you can fly on VATSIM, PilotEdge, or IVAO with complete confidence
  • Fly with a real-life Boeing 787 pilot and simulate multi-pilot crew operations
  • Practice challenging V1 cuts and CAT III approaches as if you were an airline pilot training in a Level D simulator.
  • Get help using your latest flight simulator add-ons
  • Learn how to takeoff and land at the world’s most challenging airports

Our Specialty

Custom-tailored coaching

We know your situation may be unique. Our specialty is in developing training to meet your specific needs. Simply book a free consult with one of our instructors and they will create a custom plan.

Starting at $55/hr

Get your Virtual Type Rating

For the ultimate simulation enthusiast experience, we even offer a virtual type rating training plan with our experienced airline pilots.

An A320 on approach in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Virtual Type Rating
Learn how to fly the Airbus A320 in a simulated IFR ATC environment such as VATSIM.
Virtual Type Rating
Learn how to fly the Boeing 737 in a simulated IFR ATC environment such as VATSIM.

Highly Experienced Airline Pilots

Our professional instructors average over 4000 hours of real-world flying experience. They are flight simulation experts who will teach you the secrets of using your sim to become a competent and safe pilot. 

They bring a wide range of expertise to your fingertips—including in aircraft such as Cirrus, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.

Curtis Wheeler.

Curtis Wheeler

Private Pilot, Instrument, Airliners, Gliders, Multi-Engine
X-Plane, Condor
Canadair CRJ, Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Cessna Citation 550. Experimental Aircraft Authorizations in Mig-15/17, L-29, L-39 and T-33.
Darrell Taylor Image

Darrell Taylor

EASA FI(A), FATPL | FAA CFI, CFII, Commercial (Single/Multi)
Airliners, UK/European ops, Sim Enthusiasts, Multi-Engine
X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS)
Boeing 737 300-900
Nick Marcantonio.

Nick Marcantonio

FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, AGI, IGI, ATP, SAFE Master CFI (through March 2025)
Private Pilot, Instrument, Airliners, Sim Enthusiasts, Tech Support
X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS), Prepar3D, DCS World
CL-65 (CRJ)
Jorge Sierra Image

Jorge Sierra

Airliners, Sim Enthusiasts
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS), Prepar3D
Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330 • Boeing 787
A person using a home flight simulator with a flight instructor.

Don’t have a sim yet? Need technical support?

No problem! We offer technical support to help you put together the ideal home simulator to match your aircraft and its avionics. We have extensive expertise in flight simulator hardware and software to help you optimize your setup.

Not ready to jump into an airliner?

Our instructors are also qualified to instruct you in basic general aviation flight operations.

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