Airbus A320

The Airbus A320 is a narrow-body airliner, with widespread popularity and versatile use around the world.

MSFS Add-Ons

  • MSFS includes an A320neo by default
  • Fenix produces the highest-fidelity A320 add-on for MSFS (A320ceo – current engine option).
  • FlyByWire Simulations (FBW) is an impressive community product. They offer a detailed, free A320neo add-on.

X-Plane Add-Ons

Prepar3D: Note that there are also high-quality add-ons for the Prepar3D simulator published by Flight Sim Labs and Aerosoft

Airbus A320 Flight Sim Hardware

A320 Flight Controls

A320 Sidestick

A320 Throttle Quadrant

Consider purchasing desk or chair mounts for a more realistic control positioning.

A320 Rudder Pedals

See our Rudder Pedal Guide for all rudder pedal options, including ones that are not Airbus-specific.

A320 Autopilot Panel (FCU)

Priced between $100-$300:



It’s also possible to use a touchscreen version of the MCDU. For example, the Fenix A320 offers a remote MCDU that you can load in a browser on your iPad or other tablet.

A320 AirManager

A320 Cockpit Frames

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Matt Brombak.
I am a US-based Airline Pilot with over 8000 hours, currently flying the Airbus A320 series aircraft. I started my aviation career 20 years ago and have been a flight sim user for 30 years.
FAA ATP. Expired FAA CFI, CFII, MEI (2009).
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I’m an airline pilot with over ten years of experience in the aviation industry. I have been a Full Flight Simulator instructor since 2018, teaching on the A320 and the B787. I’m always looking to learn; this desire took me to the simulator world, where I started practicing at a very young age. I enjoy teaching both complete beginners as well as those looking to learn advanced aviation operations.
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