The Value of Online Flying Lessons

Our remote flight sim coaching is a premium service designed to bring the best certified flight instructors straight into your home flight sim. We strive to maximize the benefit you get from each minute you spend with our instructors – and set you up for success during your solo practice in between sessions.

While many flight instructors use instructing as a stepping stone to their next job, our instructors are truly passionate about teaching. They bring a variety of experience and expertise to the table – ranging from corporate jet and airline pilots, to international flight experience, and a range of type ratings. These are the types of needle-in-a-haystack instructors who might be difficult to find otherwise. Needless to say, we’re proud to bring them to your fingertips.

If you’re a real-world pilot or student pilot, check out our breakdown of how 1 remote coaching session compares to a real-world flight lesson is also unique from other traditional flight training outfits in that:

  • We strive to provide a scheduling and payment experience that is modern and frictionless. There’s no need to email back and forth with your instructor for scheduling – simply use our online scheduling system.
  • Most of our CFIs offer free consultation sessions.
  • We provide a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your first session. Don’t try asking for that at your local flight school!
  • Our flight instructors are proponents of desktop flight simulation! There are many CFIs who don’t believe that home simulators are appropriate for certain uses, focusing on the potential for bad habit formation, instead of finding ways to mitigate them and use the desktop simulator as the ultimate “chair flying” tool – even for student pilots. Our team recognizes the value of using desktop simulators in unexpected ways to help you maximize their training value, while minimizing bad habits.
  • We work together as a team to share best practices and tips specific to remote instruction, to ensure you receive the best possible services as our client.
  • Our flight instructors are willing to record your sessions so you can review and re-fly the session as many times as you would like. Time and time again, we receive feedback about how useful these recordings are for debrief and for practice in between sessions.
  • We developed a special X-Plane plugin allowing our instructors to see your flight control inputs and provide improved coaching feedback.
  • We developed an integrated platform allowing you to seamlessly move between different instructors, allowing you to benefit from a wide range of availabilities and various perspectives.
  • Our team can work together to help you solve problems with your simulator setup without having to spend hours searching internet forums. If there’s a particular aircraft or piece of hardware you need help with, chances are that we know someone who can assist you. We can even call upon our experienced simulation software developer partner who can help with advanced troubleshooting or write custom X-Plane plugins for specialized needs.
  • We understand the value of flight simulation as a rewarding hobby! Some of our instructors began their aviation careers based on an interest in flight simulation from a young age – so we completely understand the perspective of the hobbyist simmer who wants to learn as realistically and accurately as possible, in a way that other flight instructors and pilots might not.

While nothing can replace real-world flight experience, we’re confident that you’ll find the benefits of using our services to be well-worth the cost – allowing you to focus more of your real-world flight experience on the things that can only be experienced properly in the air

You will enjoy the convenience of being able to learn from an experienced pilot from the comfort of your own home (even at night or when the weather is terrible out). 

Even if you have never flown a real aircraft before, this is a unique opportunity to get as close as possible to the experience of a real flight lesson, at a small fraction of the cost.