Cirrus SR-20/22

The Cirrus SR20/SR22 is a single-engine, composite aircraft, celebrated for its innovative safety features and high-performance capabilities.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Included by default: Yes (Cirrus SR22 is included in the Premium Deluxe version)



Included by default: Yes, a SR-22 is included in X-Plane 12

Consider these add-ons:

  • TorqueSim (paid): Versions are available for the SR20 G1000, SR22 G1000, SR20 Avidyne Entegra, and SR22 Avidyne Entegra
  • Reality Expansion Pack (paid): A realism enhancement on top of the default SR-22 in X-Plane 12

Hardware to consider

  • RealSimGear: This company produces desktop consoles and full cockpit setups to simulate Cirrus aircraft, including FAA-certified simulators

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Fly the Cirrus SR-20/22 with a real-world pilot/instructor

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Curtis Wheeler.
I retired from American Airlines as an A320 Captain with 15000 hours of flying experience and over 2000 hours of instructing. I’m passionate about the future of aviation instruction using desktop simulators to dramatically reduce cost, enhance safety and broaden exposure to different operational scenarios and equipment.
Private Pilot, Instrument, Airliners, Gliders, Multi-Engine
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Canadair CRJ, Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Cessna Citation 550. Experimental Aircraft Authorizations in Mig-15/17, L-29, L-39 and T-33.
I am a US-based FAA-certified flight instructor with over 30 years of experience in general aviation airplanes, gliders, and simulators. Whether it’s just simulating a takeoff and landing or practicing the intricate dance between ATC, you, an approach flown to minimums with a G1000 avionics suite, and an EFB, I enjoy being a part of the outcome as much as the pilot in training!
FAA CFI, CFII, MEI, CFIG, ATP, AGI/IGI, Commercial (Glider)
Private Pilot, Instrument, Gliders, Multi-Engine
Cessna Citation CE-500
I’m a current Chief Pilot for a Canadian corporate flight department operating the TBM930, Citation M2, and Citation CJ4. I have been instructing for nearly 15 years, and continue to flight instruct in my spare time.
Canadian Class 2 ME FI, IRI, ATPL
Canada ops, Sim Enthusiasts, Multi-Engine, Cirrus, Corporate Jets
X-Plane, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS)
C550 • C560 • C25C (Citation CJ4) • C25CS (Citation CJ4 Single Pilot) • C525 (Citation M2) • C525S (Citation M2 Single Pilot) • TBM AND ARJ146 (BAE146/Avro RJ Series)
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