Remote Flight Instructors for STEM Programs

Immerse students in STEM and aviation via online flight sim training

Flight Sim Coach connects your school with expert Certified Flight Instructors for an immersive learning experience your students will love.

We will help your school and students utilize flight simulators to reinforce STEM concepts using realistic, hands-on methods, helping your students develop a true passion for aviation.

How does it work? The student simply needs basic flight sim software and a joystick. By using Zoom to share the screen with the flight instructor, they receive one-on-one instruction as if it were a flight lesson in a real aircraft!

“I have made major breakthroughs running those drills you sent over in the past few days. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be working with you. I have made more progress in a few short lessons than I have in the last ten years. The best educational experience I’ve ever had.”

— Ben Juliano
Flight Simulation Enthusiast

Why incorporate flight simulation into STEM?

Learning to become a safe pilot involves a broad range of disciplines, including:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight planning
  • Trigonometry and physics
  • Communication skills (air traffic control)
  • Management, strategy, prioritization, professionalism
  • Human factors (psychology) and risk management
This isn’t dry theory. Everything is in the practical context of operating an aircraft safely!
Many of your students will also gain a constructive, lifelong hobby as a pilot or flight simulation enthusiast. And if they decide to take real-world flight lessons to embark on an aviation career, they will already know many basic piloting skills and concepts – potentially saving thousands of dollars. 

Our Programs

We specialize in offering custom solutions tailored to your school’s needs. However, we also offer the following programs to suit the most common needs.

An example of a flight simulator setup utilizing Air Manager.
Turnkey flight simulator purchase and setup support

For schools, students, and their parents who want to set up a flight simulator suitable for any budget. Read more about our technical expertise.

A person using a home flight simulator.
Live classroom and lab instruction (remote)

For schools that already have a flight simulator lab, our remote instructors can provide the highest-quality immersion and support. Instead of one instructor needing to provide feedback and support to a classroom of 15 students, we can ensure each student gets a high-level of personal attention by assigning one instructor to a maximum of 5-6 students.

After school programs

For those who want to take their aviation education to the next level, we can provide a comprehensive range of after-school programs, including:

  • Private pilot ground school (culminating in passing the FAA knowledge test, a major milestone for taking the Private Pilot checkride)
  • SIM-PPL (complete a simulated version of the private pilot syllabus)
  • Hybrid ground school and SIM-PPL
  • Advanced training and career mentoring with a variety of industry experts (airline pilots, corporate pilots, and more)
An online flight instructor providing oral exam prep.
One-on-one support for struggling students

We provide a way for students who need extra support to receive it and reach their full potential.

A C172 departing in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
Support for teachers

We provide an avenue for STEM teachers to receive continuing education credits and provide support for those teachers who are tasked with teaching a STEM curriculum but who do not have an aviation background.

FERPA and ADA Compliance

More info coming soon.

Our Aviation Educators

Our professional, certified flight instructors average over 4000 hours of real-world flying experience. They are flight simulation experts who will teach students the secrets of using a simulator to become a competent and safe pilot. 

They offer a wide range of expertise—including in aircraft such as Cirrus, corporate jets, airliners, helicopters, and more.

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